Wake up help

The Sound Light Sleep system has two different wake-up methods.
The nature alarm clock simulates, as the name already suggests, the nature-related waking up. the light therapy lamp starts thereby with little light and quiet tones, these become gradually brighter with the adjusted waking up time span and the volume rises gradually. As a result, you will not be abruptly torn from sleep and start the new day with full vigor.

Locate alarm clock

There are two different ways to locate the wake-up aid.

a) In the home screen

b) In the alarm main menu

Set alarm clock

To enter the alarm configuration, tap the icon. +

Natural wake up

Step I

Set time

Step II

Determine weekday/s

Step III

Select alarm type "natural wake up"

Step IV

Determine wake up music Mode ON/OFF and Select Music

Step V

Determine wake up time Sunrise Mode On / Off

Step VI

Determine day phase at the time of getting up

Standard Alarm

Step I

Set time

Step II

Determine weekday/s

Step III

Select alarm type "Standard Alarm"

Alarm clock features

After the alarm clock is set, it will be displayed in the main menu under the category "Sleep and wake-up help" of the app. Here, you can edit, turn on or off the wake-up function at any time.


At homescreen the upcoming alarms are displayed, if the alarm process is already completed, the alarm will not appear again until 00:00 on the following day.

If the wake-up function is not displayed in the main menu, you can find your alarms in the alarm main menu.

Wake-up screen

As soon as the wake-up process starts, you will receive a notification by cell phone and the wake-up screen will appear.

The system will start the wake-up process: the light and music will be gradually turned up and you will be gently woken up from your sleep.

You can delay the alarm again via "Snooze" or end the alarm process prematurely if desired.