Sleep aid

The sleep mode of the SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem dims a sleep-supporting light with a high red light component (sunset) over a period of time specified by you, this without a sleep disturbing blue light component and completely flicker-free. This supports the production of melatonin in the pineal gland, preparing body and mind for sleep. Thus, you glide gently into a restful, Bioenergetic SleepĀ®. This can be complemented by sleep-promoting music compositions or by a meditation to fall asleep.

Sleep Aid Set Up

Click the "Go to sleep now" icon in the main menu.

Step I

Step II

Step III

Add new sleep combo music and set the desired time and also set Volume to fall asleep.

Step IV

Sleep promoting light support "ON" or "OFF

Step V

Select the desired light and save your combination

You can create, edit, save or delete several different combinations at any time. Vary between different music, different sleep-in lights and different time periods.


The light intensity and the music volume are based on the set "sleep duration". After starting the sleep aid, the music and light will increase intensity, which gradually decreases over the "sleep duration" set by you. As soon as the set time has elapsed, the light, the music as well as the app of the cell phone switches off. You therefore no longer have to worry about anything.

Include sleep aid in the main menu

After you have successfully created your sleep combinations, select a favorite combination and then return to the main menu.

Start sleep aid

Once you have selected the desired sleep aid, it will reappear in the main menu.

Switch the button to "ON" to start the sleep aid.

After the start, the countdown begins.

Change, edit or create new sleep aid

If you want to select a different sleep aid, edit the currently set sleep aid or create a new one, tap "Change sleep combo" in the menu. This will take you back to the Sleep menu.