Personal Sleep & Health Coach

Healthy sleep is the most important source for our well-being, our health, life power and vitality, for happiness and success in life. Therefore, it is even more important for people who want to sleep healthily and Bioenergetically to be able to measure their own sleep precisely.

Since there are currently no sleep apps on the market that are reliable in terms of sleep medicine, we will also usher in a new era for our customers in the course of 2022. The available sleep tracking apps are inaccurate and deviate from brainwave (EEG) measurements by between 30-40 percent.

That is why we are already working on the development of the SAMINA Digital Personal Sleep Coach, which provides useful data based on an accurate EEG sleep analysis. Precise data is transmitted to your smartphone via a unique EEG headband and an automatic sleep medical evaluation of your sleep with measurement data, comparison graphs, etc. is performed via the SAMINA app.

The SAMINA Digital Personal Sleep Coach can also be used as a precise sleep phase alarm clock together with the digital sunrise of the Sound Light Sleepsystem. At the same time, you will receive ongoing tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep and regeneration.

This gives you a unique opportunity, for example, to measure, monitor and compare the positive changes in your sleep caused by SAMINA Sleep Health Solutions, SAMINA Sleep Health Coaching or the Sound Light Sleep System at any time. More info to follow.