Offline use

To ensure that we can offer our customers a radiation-free experience, the "SAMINA Sound Light Sleep" can of course also be operated in offline mode (airplane mode). To use the app offline, the content must first be downloaded. The content is thus stored on your cell phone and is not streamed directly from the SAMINA Cloud.


If you switch to flight mode to use the app offline, the Bluetooth must be switched on again.


In order to effectively present medically restrained content, our content, sounds, frequencies and programs have relatively high data volumes. This may result in increased storage space usage. To avoid roaming charges, we recommend downloading content via wifi.

What content can be downloaded?

Content can be downloaded (must be downloaded if used offline) in the following categories.

  • Wake-up music (alarm / wake-up assistance)
  • Music to fall asleep (sleep aid)
  • Music / Programs (Day / Night / Meditation etc.)
  • Color light therapies

All contents which are marked with the following download symbol: can be downloaded and are mandatory for offline operation.