Music medicine, programs and meditations

The positive effects of music medicine (musical healing), colored light therapy and the influence of meditation, bre-athing exercises, suggestions or hypnosis are scien-tifically well established. For the first time, the SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem combines these therapy options in a single device. The parallel application creates previously unknown positive synergies between different healing systems. Selected music compositions have great stress reducing, sleep promoting and healing potential. The same is true of colored light therapy. Already the combination of music medicine and color light therapy lead to a coherence therapy lead to a coherence (harmony) between body and mind. This improves especially the quality of sleep and regeneration and as a result the self-healing, self-regulating and self-repairing forces within us are activated.

Programs / Meditations / Music

The programs are each divided into two zones, in the upper section, the program is selected and the content is played. In the lower section you get to the configuration of the programs.

Programs / Create playlists

Tap to display the respective contents of the selected category.


Select the desired content (programs, meditations, music tracks).

Tap to transfer the desired content to the main menu

Premium content

Premium content has a € symbol, these can be purchased at the respective price.

Start program

Determine the desired program and simply tap once in the "UPPER SECTION" to start the program.