Apple devices - iOS specific setup

Why are additional configurations necessary with Apple?

If you use an Apple cell phone, some additional settings have to be made to ensure the alarm function (automatic turning on of the music / automatic turning on of the light), the app should be closed completely (also in background).

Connect Bluetooth

1. Navigate to the settings of your iPhone and open the Bluetooth settings.

2. This applies only to the SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem version 1.0 and lower.
Make sure that both Bluetooth connections are actively connected. One connection is used for controlling the light, the other for audio playback of the SAMINA sound pillow.

Sound Light Sleep App Einstellungen

1. Open the settings of your iPhone.

2. Navigate all the way to the bottom where all your apps are listed, then open the "SAMINA Sound Light Sleep App".

3. Apply the following settings:

4. Open the "Location" menu item.

Why does the SAMINA Sound Light Sleep app detect the location?

This setting is required so that the app also starts if it is completely closed (even in the background). Your location is not tracked, stored or processed, we do not create usage profiles. The privacy of our customers has the highest priority.

5. Open the "Notifications" menu item

Apply the following settings:

In order for the alarm clock to start in the background, the iPhone must not be in energy-saving mode. Make sure that your iPhone is always charged when using the SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem.